Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy invites people to form a responsive relationship to their life as an embodied process.

This vital process can help you:

  • Manage reactions during conversations during conflict or intimacy
  • Listen to what is best for you when making choices in life
  • Find your voice in relationship
  • Make connections between feeling, rationale, and action.

Somatic Psychotherapy can be deeply relational work, and is based in developmental, attachment, and neuropsychological research on the benefits of positive social engagement.

Everybody has formed a body in response to their needs and wants.  But not everybody is aware of how their responses are formed or how to influence them in the moment that they are being lived.  Trauma theories, for example, are rooted in the actions/behaviors/feelings that the body repeats in reaction to a triggering event.  To regain the willingness and ability to be aware necessitates a study; a relationship with your body and your body in relationship to a healing environment.

To gain a sense of maintained connectedness that is unique to you is possible, and this feeling of connectedness can help you manage your life and deepen your relationships.  I believe that deepening into the sense of your body increases the possibility of joy within relationships, builds sentient bridges to spiritual beliefs, and creates a sense of vitality that is within a person’s voluntary control.

Give me a call if you are interested in how Somatic Psychotherapy might be the best fit for you.