Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is an excellent and courageous way to transform relational wounds and the impact that the past has on your present relationships.  While practicing communication and relational skills that build trust and develop empathy, group psychotherapy offers a safe container to bring yourself to your relationships in a new way. Being together with people who are also looking for social healing within a supportive environment can be a gift to your life as a whole. We are not wired to go through life alone or to feel difficult feelings in isolation.  Groups help hold what could be difficult or scary in a way that is safe and mediated so that fears that come along with being witnessed or being heard are respected and are given the chance to transform into new, positive experiences.  Groups connect through bonds created between the group members in a safe environment where everyone can be included for their unique contribution.

I have no open groups right now, however I am taking registration for a women’s retreat in April.  Check out my retreats page for info.

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