Couples and Partnerships

For Couples:

Whether your relationship is in distress, or you could use some dedicated time to address issues between you and your partner, therapy offers a confidential place to be in relationship in a different kind of way.

I offer support for people who want to:

  • Practice effective communication
  • Build trust within the relationship
  • Heal wounds that have occurred
  • Learn ways to deepen in relationship to one another
  • Resolve conflicts in a manageable way

If you are in a relationship, and want to grow together in a loving and connected way, or have hit up against ongoing challenges within how you communicate, I look forward to helping you re-form your relationship so that there is more ease than tension.  You can learn ways of connecting that will not only maintain the survival of your relationship, but make it easier to live within in the long term.

If you have been betrayed, are feeling mistrusting, or struggling with feeling close or being intimate:  Let’s see what is inhibiting the feeling of trust and connection together, and what may need to get worked through in order to regain, and even strengthen, the bonds between you and another person, your community, and most importantly, establish a trusting relationship with yourself and your own compass.

For Business Partnerships, Friendships, or Sibling Relationships:

Forming trust and ease in relationship with one another may be essential in order to move forward together.  When the stakes are high, intensity and misunderstandings can be difficult to manage.  Having a confidential space to talk about what is happening, and look closely at how each individual is being impacted by the other can be a way to build resilience and understanding into your relationship.

Therapy has traditionally been for individuals, families and couples, however I believe that there are many kind of relationships that are close and long-standing that could use some dedicated time to form understandings, to heal and grow ways to live better together.

If you are curious about how your relationship could use therapy, and in particular Somatic Psychotherapy, give me a call and we can set up a consultation.

Kristel S. Grodeska: 415-494-9618