Fall 2022 Group Forming


Group Forming: Start Date TBD Fall of 2022

My current group forming is specifically for people that are experiencing new onset or awareness of social anxiety.

Group membership will be limited to 6 participants and run for 8 weeks. Participation requires one in person 50 minute individual session intake, 5 individual meetings with each group member via zoom for 30 minutes, and then an 8 weeks commitment of the whole group meeting in person. Cost (in total): $1250, with a deposit of $250 that will account for intake sessions ($100 refund if you decide not to join).

You are welcome if you:

  • Have been successful in recovery of addiction and are wanting to (re)build your capacities for relationship
  • If you are experiencing anxiety due to the isolation caused by the pandemic and are feeling more withdrawn or socially avoidant than before the pandemic, and want to stretch your social muscles in a safe and restorative way.
  • If you have known social anxiety for a long time, but it has taken a different form than you know, and your individual therapist is recommending group therapy as your next step in your development.
  • May be traversing a big change in your life, like divorce, being a new parent, moving jobs or home locations, and/or are feeling compromised in your social functioning. This can also include issues of class, race, or gender dynamics, amongst other transitions that can increase social anxiety. Feel free to call and ask if your particular situation fits the scope of the group.

If you recognize the questions below (intuitively or exactly), or, are feeling withdrawn from contact with others at this time but you know that healthy and fulfilling contact is something you yearn for, this group is for you.

  • Why is heading into a room of my same (or new) friends suddenly riddled with self-doubt, self-criticism, or afterwards, vulnerability hang-overs or shame attacks?
  • Why am I feeling negative about my interactions instead of feeling nourished by them?
  • Why are my social interactions feeling so thick with unidentified muck or resistance?
  • How can allow more authenticity and a sense of natural presence lead in my social interactions?
  • Am I avoiding friends because I have outgrown them, or is it because I am not feeling myself anymore so feel disconnected from everyone?

The intent of this group:

  • To grow together and redefine what healthy social contact is for each individual member
  • To work together to respect differences and respond appropriately to your own and others intimacy needs
  • To learn how to meet conflicting needs with compassionate understanding & empathy without sacrificing or compromising yourself
  • To explore how to self-influence outdated protective mechanisms into new more adaptive ways of relating.

I endeavor to meet each group member where they are at in this process, and create a mutually reflective group with people dealing with similar issues so to decrease the risk of aloneness in one’s vulnerabilities.

Please call 415-494-9618 if you are interested, or fill out the contact card within this website to inquire.  


Please call with any questions:

Kristel S. Grodeska 415-494-9618

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