Your experience and your interest in therapy is important to me.  Please call with any questions or to set up an appointment:  415-494-9618


Formal Education:

  • BA from The University of California, Berkeley in Psychology, minoring Philosophy
  • Masters of Counseling Psychology, specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy through the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA


Post-Graduate Education:

  • Formative Psychology, supervision and consulting with Christina Loeffel, LMFT; classes and individual work at the Center for Energetic Studies with Stanley Keleman 
  • Group Consultation with Peter Wright LMFT, Somatic & Formative Consultation
  • AEDP Immersion, Essential Skills 1 & 2 plus assistantships with the AEDP Institute, an attachment based healing model based originally in Intensive Short Term Depth Psychotherapy
  • Year long AEDP Core Group Training with Mariam Marsolais
  • AEDP for Couples and assistantship with David Mars, PhD
  • EMDR Levels 1-3 Attachment Based EMDR with Laurel Parnell
  • EMDR Group training and Individual Supervision for EMDR with Allison Teal, LMFT
  • Group Consultation with Ron Frederick integrating AEDP & EMDR


Present / On-going Studies:

  • Consultation with Marc Cecil, PhD integrating AEDP & EMDR in practice 
  • Training & Consultation with Steve Shapiro, PhD Intensive Short Term Depth Psychotherapy
  • Attaining certification in EMDR


Group Training:

  • Esalen Institute Participation: For 10 years I was a community member and involved in Gestalt Process work there within a multitude of groups & in various sizes and depth processes
  • CIIS masters program: Group Therapy was included in our required classes. The program was also set up as a collaborative learning environment where we worked in small groups and within community meetings around different leadership and group decision making formats, so learning what not to let happen, and what works well, within a group setting was an inherent part of the 3 year learning experience.
  • Year-long professional training group and get consultation as needed with Bill Roller in Berkeley, CA: Bill’s group work is a relational model based on Irving Yalom’s psychodynamic work, and Systems approach of Yvonne Agizarian. Therapist’s learn different leadership roles and ways of helping group members find ways to express themselves while also being receptive to differences within groups, and strategies to offer corrective emotional experiences for group members and reduce harm.
  • 3 year advanced process group with Bill Say in Ardold Mindell’s Process Work:  Bill’s work emphasizes the development of empathy, play, and comfort within oneself along with deep learning on leadership styles and how to empower others to take up space. Arnold Mindell’s work is known as “World Work” because of the ways that it emphasizes diversity mattering and the development of humility alongside working to redefine power structures both internally and externally within the microcosm of a group experience.  I consult with Bill as needed currently.


 Past Training

  • Certified Yoga Instructor Ana Forrest Yoga Circle & Yoga Alliance
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified Hypnotherapy License Santa Rosa based School for Alchemical Hypnotherapy (Somatic Integration work)
  • Gestalt Awareness Group Practice with Dorothy Charles
  • Soul Motion and Gestalt Process Work with Zuza Engler
  • Esalen Institute year-long extended study


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