Kristel S. Grodeska, LMFT

Forming Trust and Ease in Relationship

I am a Somatic Psychotherapist with offices in San Francisco and San Rafael, CA.

I see individuals, couples, and groups, and am passionate about making therapy visible. I don’t think therapy should be a mystery, but a body of work that you are understanding, engaging in, and applying to your life outside of the office and practicing within as well. 

Talking with people about Somatic work and helping them make sense of why it may be the path to explore is part of my life’s work. I use this site and my blog to offer insight into Somatic work – In session, we balance between forming understandings, focusing on a particular issue, celebrating triumphs, and engaging in experiential learning so to grow in ways that you want develop your life and how you live it. My clients tend to feel excited when they connect personally to somatic work, and it delights me to see someone light up with recognition that this is what they really need.

Moving an experience into a place of resolution and integration is part of our work together. Whether a specific trauma, or a vague sense of things just not being right – we can face what is happening with curiosity and kindness.

Whether you have been in therapy before or are looking for the first time – I know how difficult it can be to figure out what it is that you are exactly needing when looking for a therapist. Feel free to reach out and ask questions as a way to assess whether working together is right for you at this time.

When we have a sense of connection in our lives, most anything that comes our way is more tolerable and faced with more resilience and sensibility. Many of us experience more disconnection than connection – and that’s ok. In fact, it is a great place to start.

Call me to set up a consultation to answer questions you may have around how I work & session times available.   You can reach me through the links on the Contact section of this site.

Let’s see what is possible together.